Featured Artist: Clayton Rippey

Clayton Rippey at work in his studio. Aside from our regularly exhibited artifact collection, Frontier Homestead State Park Museum has a rotating special exhibit gallery that is used by artists and artisans of many disciplines to showcase, highlight, and sell their work. Through June 27 we are pleased to feature the work of watercolor artist Clayton Rippey. Exhibited works feature an extensive collection of watercolors highlighting desert scenes, water images and long-standing buildings.

A Rippey nautical scene.

Rippey was born in Oregon, but settled in California following WWII.  After graduating from Stanford University, he was offered a teaching position at Bakersfield High School.  Rippey eventually taught art at Bakersfield College where he retired in 1980.  Collections of Rippey’s art are located not only in the U.S., but around the globe – in Mexico, various European countries, and Japan.

Topping 90 years of age, Rippey continues to broaden his art into more areas and more themes, exploring new colors, textures and shapes in his work. The recipient of numerous awards and honors, Rippey has participated in abundant group and solo shows, beginning in 1949 and continuing to the present.  “If, through my observance of, and wonder at, the dynamics of life, some small part of it filters down through my brush and on to the canvass, I am happy,” Rippey commented.

“Our Museum is honored to be graced with the work of such an accomplished artist,” says Todd Prince, Park Manager.  “Clayton has an incredible body of work and we are delighted to be able to share it with our visitors.”

A Clayton Rippey forest.

Through Labor Day, Frontier Homestead is now open seven days a week, from 9am to 6pm. Don’t let the opportunity to see this amazing artistic collection pass you by. Remember, the exhibit closes June 27.

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A Clayton Rippey landscape.