Mrs. Webster - Another Iron County Tale

A number of years ago we asked the community to share with us some of the legends and lore that have passed through their families. This tale is one of the many that came our way. With the exception of the photos, we are posting this story exactly how we received it.

Mrs. Webster

By a Cedar City Resident who prefers to remain anonymous

We have had several experiences in our home with a ghost that we call "Mrs. Webster". Although when the kids have an "incident" they get a little unsettled, for the most part "Mrs. Webster" has been a calm and to some degree a caring ghost in our lives.

Our home was built by Parson U. Webster and is known by his name.  It is reputed to have been built sometime around 1865 and served as a home for his two wives, to whom he was married at the same time, had rooms rented, and, since the living room on one side of the house was large by standards of the time, served as a place for "wakes". Families of the deceased would ‘sit with the dead’ in what is now our family room. My wife grew up in this home and says that she and her brothers and their friends always thought the house was a little spooky.

A great storyteller is necessary for a spooky story.

We do not really know if the presence in our house is the ghost of Mrs. Webster or not, because another older Grandmother who was renting a room once long ago passed away quietly in a bedroom that we used as the Master Bedroom at the time of my first introduction to her. It could be her, or any one of the women who were "sat with" so long ago.

When our oldest son was a toddler, I went into his room and laid down with him to help him get to sleep one night and fell asleep myself. After waking I walked back into the bedroom where my wife was sleeping and saw the figure of a woman sitting on the corner of the bed. Thinking it was my wife, I asked "why are you sitting up?" The figure stood, took two steps away from the bed and disappeared. It was dark so the fact that I couldn't see her was not so strange, but when my wife sleepily said "what?” and she was snuggly in bed, I had an eerie feeling, but I blamed it on being sleepy.

Sometime later, my wife was taking a turn with the restless baby. She said she was awakened, and felt a presence in the room; someone seemed to be leaning over the bed. She said it was a comforting feeling until she realized there was no one there! But she says it was not a scary presence.

The kids do not share our comfort with our houseguest and when she does make an appearance where they are involved, my wife and I generally end up with additional bed partners. Sometimes we will hear footsteps or doors squeaking in another room and we call out to whomever we think is there, only to find no one!

Happy Halloween from Frontier Homestead

It's a little strange, but the only incidents with "Mrs. Webster" have always been in the upstairs of the home where the bedrooms are, and the sightings have decreased in number as the kids grow older. Coincidence? You decide! I'm looking forward to having grandchildren to see if she comes around a little more.