Sleighing Around the Square

Here is a winter story taken from History of Iron County Mission and Parowan  by Mrs Luella Adams Dalton. The story was told by William C. Mitchell and probably took place in Parowan. William C Mitchell, the story teller. From SUU Special Collections.

"Sleighing parties were always a lot of fun when the winter's snow piled high and the weather dropped down to the butt end of zero. Walter and I built us a fine big sleigh, that wouldn't tip over and old Bonnie and Bounce were fat and fit for a race. The old double racetrack around the square, one on either side of the giant cottonwood trees that stood in the center of the street, saw many a race with sleighs loaded clear to the brim.

One night , Ed Burton, Ada Orton, Walter and Mary Orton, Laurette and I hitched old Bonnie and Bounce to the sleigh for a spin around the town. We hadn't gone far till we met Charlie Norris, Thomas Henry Evans and a crowd in their sleigh.

We started down the north side of the square on the south of the trees where the snow wasn't so good as it had melted in places. Charlie and Thomas started down the north of the trees and the race was on. Right in our path loomed Jenkin Evans carrying two big  buckets of water he had gotten from the ditch. He managed to dodge in and out as we darted by, but we could have reached out and touched him.

We turned south, past Wm. Morrise's. Walter ran smack into a big pile of poles stacked in the street, so Charlie got ahead of us, but we caught up with them on the turn east. When we got in front of the Co-op store (on the bank corner) they run us up into the Co-op scales that were set up in the street.

Then Walter got out in a head and crowded them right into the water hole on the corner north of the Bank, where the stream was divided. A big hole had been chopped in the ice for the cattle to drink out of.

Well that was the end of the big race for Charlie's sleigh was all busted to smitherens, but it was a lot of fun just the same."

Iron County Sleigh ride.