Gifts from the Past

Mr. Santycaus Dear Sir: Will you come to me and my little sister we like to play. Please send us dolls and everything nice and we will thank you if you will come. We will not be very afraid of you, if you do not look at us much. Be sure and come my little sister and I will look for you every day.

Your little girls – Lizzie, Croton on Hudson N.Y.

lhj-1902This letter was turned over to the Dead Letter Office at Washington D.C. during the holiday season 1897-98. This time of year many thoughts turn to gifts to give, and gifts to receive. We thought we would give you some suggestions from The Ladies Home Journal, December 1902.

For Father: Fob, Scarf pin, Dress-Suit Protector, Cigar Jar, Homemade Bathrobe, a good almanac, or a paper cutter.

For Mother: Growing Plant, Breakfast Jacket, Shell Hairpins, Flannel Kimono, Gloves, a Travelling Writing Tablet, or a Lace Fichu.

For the Elder Sister: Monogram Stationary, Chiffon Boa, Bureau Silver, Candlestick, a Clock, or an Indian Necklace.

For the Young Man:  Sleeve Buttons, Cane, Field-Glass, Penknife, Opera Glass, a Watch Chain, or a Fancy Coat Hanger.

And if by chance, you have servants, the Journal has got you covered. Acceptable presents include: an Umbrella, Necktie, Underclothes, Collars and Cuffs, or a Work Basket – Well fitted, of course.