Buckskin Breeches

Here are a few stories taken from "History of Iron County Mission and Parowan" by Luella Dalton. Enjoy this look back. The first is from John Henderson. "Once, Wm. C McGregor and I went after a load of wood up over the Hogback. I was wearing a fine new pair of buckskin breeches. Our oxen made good time, and when we were ready to start up the hill to chop our wood, it started to rain. I knew if my buckskin breeches got wet, they would be ruined, so I took them off, carefully folded them and placed them in a hollow tree that had been struck with lightning. The I proceeded to chop my wood in my hickory shirt made of home-spun cotton. Then I snaked my wood down the hillside and loaded my wagon. The rain was nearly over, so I donned my buckskin pants and drove home."

Morgan Richards says, "I thought I was pretty smart when I put on my first pair of buckskin pants and went up the canyon to work on Uncle Nattie's saw mill. When it started to rain, my pants began to stretch so I cut off a little here and a little there, then a little more and more as they continued to lengthen. When the sun began to shine, my pants began to climb higher and higher as they dried out, and my beautiful new trousers were nothing more than knee pants."