Come in Out of the Cold

With the cold weather of winter the out door hands-on activities close down. Many activities are moved into buildings to protect them from the weather, while those involving water are drained since it is difficult to wash laundry in an ice block. So there is no reason to visit the museum in the winter, right? Not this year! 

We have created a number of indoor activities to keep visitors engaged and learning through the cold winter. Here are a few of them.



Turn the dial to learn how to send messages long distances using flags or your arms.


City Planning

Where should the blacksmith shop go? Should the sheriff's office be by the church or the train depot? You decide as you build your own town.



Learn to send a message using only long and short clicks. Can you understand what your friend is saying?


Trains and more

The popular wooden toys return. Lift hay with the derrick, sit on the steam shovel, and become a train engineer.