Special Exhibit: Crossroads of Southern Utah

We are pleased to present a special art exhibit entitled Crossroads of Southern Utah. The works of 4 amazing artists, Sandra Anderson, Carol Stenger, Phoebe Wrighter, and Leslie Jenson will be on exhibit through November 30, 2018. The public is invited to an artist’s reception on Saturday, November 17 from 2-4pm.

Sandra Anderson

Sandra Anderson grew up in Ogden, Utah and graduated from Ogden High School.  Sandra was always interested in art and took all of the classes she could in high school.  After graduating from high school she attended the University of Utah majoring in Home Economics and art.


 After Sandra got married, her husband became a pilot for Trans World Airlines.  She did a lot of traveling throughout the World and the United States.  During this time, she lived in Long Island, New York spending a lot of time in New York City.  She also lived in Florida and Phoenix, Arizona. While Sandra was living in Long Island she started painting and doing art work.  She painted with acrylics.

 When she made her permanent home in Cedar City, Utah, Sandra attended Southern Utah State College (SUSC), which is now known as Southern Utah University (SUU).  She took some art classes and her professor talked her into obtaining a Degree in Art.  She spent a lot of time working with watercolors, oil paints and printmaking.  In 1983 Sandra graduated with a Bachelor of Art Degree with a Minor in Home Economics.

 After graduation Sandra again started traveling all over the world, which was a great experience.  She was able to visit a lot of art galleries, art exhibits and see a lot of artwork by famous artists.  She spent time in Munich Germany, Rome Italy, Vienna Austria, Zurich Switzerland, Brussels Belgium and Athens Grease.  Sandra also traveled throughout France from Paris to Cannes.  All of this travel was a great experience, very informative and had a great influence on her artwork.

 Today Sandra’s artwork is greatly influenced by the beauty of the Utah’s Red Canyon Areas, Northern Arizona and Southern Nevada Landscapes. Sandra has received an Honorable Mention award from the VVAA and Blue Ribbons at the Iron County Fair in Parowan, Utah. She has displayed her artwork at the Braithwaite Fine Art Gallery at SUU and at the Southern Utah Watercolor Association in Cedar City, Utah. Mesquite Gaming honored her with the Sponsor’s Choice Award for her entry in the April Artist and Poets art exhibit at the Virgin Valley Art Gallery. She also Received a third-place award for her “Reflection in Snow” water color painting at the VVAG.

Carol Stenger

carol 4 homestead.jpg

My formal study of art began in the 1970s at Bakersfield College in California where I completed the fine art classes offered at that time. Then a series of events followed for the next 20 years. In the 80s computers were beginning to make the scene and I anxiously followed that course. This led to journalism and newspaper production classes which evolved into an offer for a job that introduced me to graphic art and design. In the 90s Bakersfield College offered a course in computer graphics, and I couldn’t register fast enough. Combining all my skills I was fortunate to open my own successful graphic design and printing business. Ten years ago, my husband and I retired and settled in Cedar City. Today I am filled with joy to have my art world return to where it began -- with my fine art.

 When it comes to subjects and inspiration for my paintings, there is never a shortage. My passion is mostly with people and animals who always supply me with endless opportunities. I have always been attracted to people as subjects since my early days of sketching and painting; people are unique individuals who always have something to offer. As a representational artist, I try to capture the essence of their character and move that experience forward in my paintings. My paintings tell a story; it is that story that energizes me and gives me the incentive to paint. My goal as an artist is to engage a viewer long enough to want to take a second look and linger awhile.

 Having studied most media, my favorite is watercolor. With this medium I am able to capture the detail clearly and yet softly. I love the fluidity and freshness in the layering of watercolors. Since watercolors require planning and forethought, I always begin with a “pre-painting.” At this point I determine my palette and composition. When I am satisfied with my choices, I proceed on fresh paper towards a finished painting. Sometimes it takes a few tries before I am happy with the results. Recently I have also ventured into pastels. Motivated by the vibrancy and rich shades I can get with pastels, it is easy to emphasize the brilliant colors of our extraordinary Southern Utah landscape; this same concept also applies to my portraits.

 I am a member of the Southern Utah Watercolor Society and the Virgin Valley Art Association in Nevada. I exhibit my paintings at the Mesquite Gallery, the Kolob Gallery and various exhibit opportunities in Cedar City. You are invited to visit my gallery online: www.carolstengerart.com

Phoebe Photo_edited.jpg

Phoebe Wrighter

In the early 80's she took two Prismacolor pencil workshops, one at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and the other one in Newport Beach Oregon, both taught by Bett Borgenson. At this time Phoebe was a manicurist and air-brushed nails and metal jewelry, mainly earrings. She belonged to the Nevada Camera Club in Las Vegas, Nevada becoming photographer of the year in 1987. She had a one woman showing of her photography at the Clark County Library. The title being "Painted Ladies". The show included photos of Victorian Homes, and portraits of Victorian women enhanced using oils and photographic dyes that made them look like antique photos from that era. This is one of the favorite mediums she has explored....and exploring she did...

With digital photography coming of age she left photography as she knew it and moved to Mesquite, Nevada. In 2007 she joined Virgin Valley Artist Association and took watercolor classes. However, she wanted to delve into other mediums such as gouache, pastel, casein, charcoal, and maybe a little acrylic experimenting and mixing them together just to see the results.....all of this was trying to find her style. She is still trying....sooooo she goes to the library to research artists she admires, watches tutorials to satisfy her need to keep progressing in the art of water media. Someday she hopes her STYLE will emerge. The best is yet to come!

Leslie Jenson

Award-winning watercolor artist Leslie Jenson is known for her representational landscape paintings of the natural environment of southern Utah, where she has lived most of her life.  Sensitivity to the beauty of rural Utah is reflected in her stunning use of texture, color, and contrast in her artwork.

Leslie Jenson.jpg

 Leslie has a Bachelor’s Degree in art from Southern Utah University and a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  She was blessed with outstanding watercolor instructors as a student, including Thomas Leek, and Arlene Braithwaite.  She has since participated in workshops with mentors who have influenced her work, such as Wallace Lee, Julie Rogers, and Carl Pursell.  She is a member of the Southern Utah Watercolor Society and of Women Out West, Professional Artists of Utah.

 Leslie’s work was exhibited at the Braithwaite Gallery at Southern Utah University, the Sears Gallery at Dixie State University, in a Dixie National Forest Show, a juried show at the St. George Art Museum, and currently, at Artisans Gallery in Cedar City.  Her work may also be seen in a gallery at Pole’s Place in Boulder, Utah, as well as in a one-person show at Linski’s in Kanarraville, Utah.  One of her watercolors won “Best of Show” at the Escalante Art Festival, and her “Kanarracana” paintings depicting small-town scenes of the 1950s have been featured in Country Extra magazine.