Special Exhibit: Southern Utah Quartet

Frontier Homestead State Park Museum is pleased to announce a special exhibit by a group of friends and artists who gather each week to paint and expand their friendship and skills. The exhibit, Southern Utah Quartet  beginning runs through June 30. The art of the four women is distinctive in its scope and subject matter.

carol allen Bently.jpg

Carol Allen Bentley: I was born with a happy heart. I like to think that my paintings reflect that. To me, art is a love affair with life. I am fascinated by the beauty and rich diversity our world offers. The thrill for me in creating an image is in capturing spirit – the elusive spark that defines the essence of a look, a smile or a place.


Carol Allen Bentley,  Library Window,  2016 Pastel and Watercolor 28x22

Carol Allen Bentley, Library Window, 2016 Pastel and Watercolor 28x22

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Carol Van Wagoner: I paint because…..just because, why not?  Everyone should paint!  There are so many wonderful things to do with a brush. In Southern Utah, there is no end to the great landscapes.  To paint them, you have to find them, look at them, feel them and try the creative process.  You can never make them as beautiful as they really are, but you can have a wonderful time trying. 

Carol Van Wagoner,  Skirts and Bananas , 2017 Oil on Canvas 20x28

Carol Van Wagoner, Skirts and Bananas, 2017 Oil on Canvas 20x28


Debbie Allan: Art is my joy.  I’ve enjoyed painting since I was a child.  My favorite media is oil paint, but I do pastels and also water colors.   I taught junior high art for twenty years.  Now I am retired and am able to paint as often as I wish.



Debbie Allan,  Dawn,  2010 Oil on Canvas 16x20

Debbie Allan, Dawn, 2010 Oil on Canvas 16x20


Wendy Green: There has always been an inner desire within me to play with colors.  The work of drawing seems like drudgery, but colors have called me to create. In my travels around the world I have found many beautiful places, but I have never found any place more beautiful than the sights right here in Southern Utah.  The world around me speaks to me wherever I go and I long to capture it!  I ask myself "What medium would capture this sight best?"   What mixture of colors would express what I see? 

Wendy Green,  Cedar City Temple,  2017 Oil on Canvas 24x30 

Wendy Green, Cedar City Temple, 2017 Oil on Canvas 24x30