Meet the Foundation Chair - Mike Scott

The Frontier Homestead Museum Foundation works closely with the museum staff to realize our mission; To connect people to Traditions, Knowledge and Ideas. Recently, Maureen Carlson, one of our interpretive staff, sat down with Foundation Chair Mike Scott.

 Q - What is it that is special to you about the Frontier Homestead?

 A - Well I initially started as a volunteer and I came and saw that some of the harnesses on the horses were incorrect. So I asked if I could fix it. Then they steered me down to the wagon barn where there was extra leather, and I came up here and put some stuff together correctly as to how it should be. I just kind of paid attention to, you know, that’s the way we did it with horses and said, well if we’re showing it that way, then I gotta make it right, show it right,

Mike model T.jpg

 Q - How does the Foundation work with the park?

 A - The Foundation actually has a Board of Trustees which I’m the chairman of and they are community members and interested volunteers. We just get together and come up with ideas for fundraisers or local support and once we raise money, decide how we’re going to spend it. And we kind of have a “hit list” of one, two, three, four of things we want to do and it’s well, what could we do immediately, what’s going to take a few years, what kind of money are we talking about, those kinds of things.

 Q - How can people get more involved with the park?

 A - We have a volunteer network and it’s basically just contacting the park. There’s a number of people that come into do volunteer work throughout the week, whether it be the lady weavers just kind of showing and they’re able to use the facility, and some fellows come in and help with restoration projects and/or other little special projects - carpentry kind of things and/or whatever. Just contact the museum, there’s a little form to fill out and become a volunteer helper.

 Q - What is your fondest memory of Frontier Homestead State Park?

 A - Probably when we do Christmas at the Homestead that week in December. Every evening where we [have] singers, carolers, a couple of vendors, but it’s, you know, the hot chocolate and all the rest of the little goodies, little bonfires going everywhere, and it’s just kind of neat all around. It’s really a family event. It’s set up in such a way that you could come every night because there’s different singers, different musical groups.

Q - What was 2018 like for the Foundation?

A-It has been a busy year at the Museum. We have been able to put on another year of the Frontier Folklife Festival and the Christmas Market. Both were very successful attendance wise. A good time was had by all. New this year is the Lights at the Frontier event. I will keep you posted as to how it is received by city residents and visitors. Next month we will begin planning for the annual Folklife Festival to be held in June 2019. If you are interested in volunteering for this great event (or any other event) please call the Museum at 435/586-9290. Your input/help would be greatly appreciated

To learn more about the Mission and Vision of Frontier Homestead State Park and to see a list of current Foundation board members, click here.