Welcome Coral

At Bryce Canyon with her husband.

At Bryce Canyon with her husband.

We have a new curator! Her name is Coral O’Riley and she came to us from the Territorial Statehouse State Park up in Fillmore. Surprisingly she moved to rural Utah from Los Angeles, where she worked as National Park ranger for the Santa Monica Mountains National recreation Area. She worked there for 5 years in both their maintenance and outreach department. Most of her career in Southern California was spent in Downtown Los Angeles, often seen carting around a bin full of animal skins and skulls for educational programs to various schools and community centers.  

After 5 years of crowded buses and high rent it was time for a change. She began applying for jobs outside of California, never planning on Utah specifically, but when she set her eyes on the Statehouse she loved it, and her and her husband packed up everything they owned, their 2 cats, and moved to rural Utah.

Coral is quite liberal and politically active. She has been described by some as a political hot-head, but for her she believes that having open conversations with people you don’t agree with is the best tool to fight our media fueled divisive system.

While working at the museum she will peruse projects that focus on the lives of women. She is excited to learn more about our community, and how she can build a deeper relationship with you through the museum. She is excited to here in Cedar City. Hope you can make some time to come by and say hello to her!