Snapshots: Highlights from Springville Museum of Art's "Family Vacation"

Family vacations boomed in post-war America. Amidst talk of nuclear conflict, packing the kids in the car and seeing the sites that defined the USA promoted family togetherness and national pride. In Utah, families came together to explore the lakes, canyons, ghost towns, and national parks that dot the Beehive State. This exhibit seeks to capture the feeling of a mid-century road trip through Utah. "Family Vacation" 2015 Mixed Media on Panel Stephanie Deer

In our new special exhibit, Snapshots: Highlights from the Springville Museum of Art’s Family Vacation, we will seek to capture those moments of discovery, when after hours of travel, you open the car door and see the wonders of Utah for the first time. Through vintage-inspired artwork from Stephanie Deer, travel posters by John Clark, paintings by southern Utah artist Jim Jones, and traditional Utah landscapes from the SMA permanent collection, this exhibit will recreate a mid-century vacation the whole family will enjoy. By exploring this amazing collection families will call back memories for those who hit the open road in post-war America and inspire younger visitors to visit these places on their own.

"Cedar Breaks Night Sky"2013 Screenprint John Henry Clark

“In the old days, the vacation started the moment you got in the car and the road trip itself was the experience. It was about the journey, not the destination, more so than today,” said John Clark a Toole based graphic artist whose work we feature in the exhibit. 2016 marks the centennial of the National Parks and in many of the works, the National Parks of Utah are prominently featured.

Cedar City has a long history with the National Parks. For nearly fifty years the Utah Parks Company brought tourists to the national parks of southwestern Utah and northern Arizona. Cedar City marketed itself as the “Gateway to the National Parks” and became the jumping off point for the tour groups. We will explore the history of the Utah Parks Company in future posts.


"Zion" 1937 Watercolor Ethel Strauser

Snapshots: Highlights from the Springville Museum of Art’s Family Vacation runs from January 25- April 30th.