About our Special Exhibits


The Frontier Homestead State Park is happy to work with artists from around Utah and neighboring states. The artwork showcased here ranges from paintings to photographs, prints to quilts, and has even featured costumes from the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Our special exhibit space, located at the northeast corner of the museum, has 1,095 square feet of floor space and 146 feet of wall space to showcase any exhibit. These exhibits rotate throughout the year, giving visitors a reason to check back and see what's new. 

sp exhibit.png

Featured above is the "Family Vacation" special exhibit by Utah artist Stephanie Deer

The special exhibits are available during museum operating hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 


Upcoming Special Exhibits

Special Exhibit: Kolob Society
May 18th through June 26th

Special Exhibit from the
Southern Utah Watercolor Society
June 28 through August 31st

Special Exhibit “Divas and Dames”
The Bright Bold Women of Kaitlin Mills
June 9 through October 12th
Rolling Gallery

Special Exhibit of "Women In Art”
September 2nd through October 11th

Special Exhibit “Changes”by Ashley Hansen Pollock
October 15th through November 25th


Would you like to see your own artwork featured?


While our special exhibit area is booked for 2019 there is still an opportunity to showcase your artwork with us in 2020! To learn more about the special exhibit policies for displaying and selling artwork with our museum click the button below. 


This link will also provide you with the information and forms necessary to apply for a special exhibit space in our 2020 schedule. 

Check out these photos below to see the layout of the special exhibit area, as well as examples of artist receptions and previous exhibit designs!